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Our Services

Enterprise software

We can build or maintain any custom system for your business: from online stores or order processing systems to complex recommendation or prediction systems that utilize machine learning techniques.

Software as a service

Are you a startup or an existing company looking for a team to build your Software as a Service product? Then you should definitely contact us, as we have a team experienced in utilizing cloud computing technology for building scalable web applications.

Mobile applications

Our experienced Android and iOS teams are ready to build your next mobile application. Our experience ranges from B2B order processing systems to consumer-oriented applications of various complexities.

Recent work


Cleverflow - a SaaS (software as a service) solution for project management. It helps software development teams to visualize the workflow and quickly spot process inefficencies and bottlenecks. It is a one-page web application It was built using Backbone.js + Play Framework.

Credit risk assesment module

A credit risk assesment module was built for Lithuanian online microloans provider www.pinigine.lt. It helps the client to significantly reduce the rate of loan defaults by taking into account various predictors and calculating the probability of loan default.


We use both time-tested and new technologies, always trying to choose the best tool for the job. Here is the list of some of the things we are most experienced with: